Saturday, April 7, 2018

Fix Missing MSI/MSP Using New Tool Available at github

Had you ever been stuck to fixing the issue of missing msi/msp files of SQL server during upgrade. If so, then you know how much painful and boring it is. 

Earlier Microsoft has provided VB script for SQL server for missing msi/msp issues, Below is the same article of Microsoft that How to restore the missing Windows Installer cache files and resolve problems that occur during a SQL Server update

In above link it provides a VB script to help you find out those missing MSI/MSP files in windows installer folder and it can even help you recover these files if you recreate the setup source. The VB script works great but suppose if you have a lot of missing MSI/MSP files like in our environment then it could be so boring to fix them. Also, many times we copied the files from different version So the SP upgrade was getting failed. Again, figuring out the files of wrong version was a tedious Job for DBA’s.

Now we have a new tool available at github for fixing missing msi/msp files.
I really want to thank “SimonSu” for making DBA’s life much easier. This new tool will search installer products and find out those missing/mismatched MSI/MSP files from the cached folder, and fix them with few mouse clicks. I have already used this tool and this is really awesome.
Now, you can fix 100 missing msi/msp files within 5-10 minutes with help of this tool. Now this amazing tool is available in Github:

Once you will download, Just go through the “FixMissingMSI Readme.pdf” which will explain how to use it with screen shot. The tool is very simple and anyone can use.

Few Screenshot of the tool:

Finally, Thanks a lot to My DBA colleagues Desh Joshi and Ajit Negi who made me aware about this tool.

Thank You!